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Kaylee Rodriguez found her passion to change lives through her profession while working at one of the most sought-after corporate LDA offices in the entire state of California. Kaylee focused on Family Law and specialized in small probate proceedings as well as dissolution cases. In early October, Kaylee experienced a life changing event that would forever change her purseption on how she viewed people and her surroundings. October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Kaylee and 22,000 other concert goers experienced what we now know as the largest mass shooting in American History. Kaylee gave herself a day, and returned back to work. Through her healing and grieving process she realized that it should've taken an ample amount of time to return to work, however her passion for her clients out shined many obstacles. Her client's happiness and proceeding development tended to make work, not work.

We fast forward 3 months and Kaylee with the rest of Ventura County residents came to face what went down in history as the largest, most destructive Wild Fire in Californian history burning a total of 281,893 acres. By December 22, the Thomas Fire had cost over $177 million to fight, and forced over 104,607 residents to evacuate.  Overall, at least 1,063 structures were destroyed in the fire, 2 civilians killed, and 1 fireman taken while on duty. On December 27, 2017 a couple's whose home burned down, came in to A People's Choice to inquiry about receiving a restatement of their trust because it as well burned with the rest of their belongings. Kaylee resigned by the end of the day.

Kaylee felt as if the people in her community didn't receive a chance when they were hit with sudden change, which is why she decided to take this chance. Kaylee directed her idea to several attorney's in the Ventura County area and other experienced colleagues in the field whom she'd had the experience to work with. With the help and encouragement of professionals all around the County of Ventura, that idea became Studio Green Divorce.

Studio Green Divorce opened its doors in 2018. Kaylee found that each individual who became a part of Studio Green Divorce complemented each other in surprising, and what turned out to be inseparable, ways. At Studio Green Divorce we understand that there are many options when it comes to who you choose to assist you, which is why we pride ourselves in exceptional level of enthusiasms, dedication, and experience that makes us the perfect solution for our local clients.


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Studio Green Divorce Thomas Fire Victim


Lauryn and Sagendorf family

Lauryn went to Buena High School and currently is employed in Ventura, CA. She lived in her families home at the time of incident. Her family and herself were able to make it out of their home uninjured, however left 90% of their belongings due to the rapid nature of the fire. She has had support through friends and family and hopes to one day be able to rebuild in a new home. She does believe in creating a new chapter in her and her families lives and prays one day they will all be able to be under the same roof again and create the memories once shared in her old home. Lauryn says "You know, I really just wanted to file my nails the other day and realized well, I don't have a nail file anymore. I couldn't find myself to buy another one. Because, new house? or nail file?" We appreciate Lauryn's graciousness and ability to laugh through such a hard time. We are so proud to be a part of her journey.

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We at Studio Green Divorce understand that what we offer may not be in the scope of what services you are currently in need of. Which is why we want you to know regardless of, how very much you are needed and important to the impact in our everyday community. Through volunteering and getting to better know our surroundings, you are able to become a part of many opportunities for different age groups, skill levels and even get to know your neighbors!

 We are here to change the pace and Studio Green Divorce appreciates your support. If you would like to sign up for volunteer opportunities and have us assist you with getting started. Please give us a call at 805-826-2061.


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