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Studio Green Divorce came about after years of our associates being in the industry and not having the authority to financially assist clients enough. Our associates played side by side with Paralegals, Legal Document Assistants and Attorney's when they realized that although they were in the legal field, they wanted to help people more than they were capable of in their everyday office.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Studio Green is extremely dedicated to giving you the experience needed to get you through this next chapter in your life. We understand the wide range of difficulties, including financial burdens and confusion through all of the legalities, which is how Studio Green was created. We’re on the pulse of modern customer service and have monitored it's evolution to inform our own approaches—all to give you exceptional service that will last for years to come and at the same time, contributing to our community.

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General Information


California is a no fault state. Meaning, regardless of the situation and cause of separation, no spouse shall receive more of any such property or support. If you and your spouse are amicable and are in agreement to your dissolution case, an attorney is completely unnecessary.


In California, an annulment is the process of obtaining an order that the marriage never existed. As many can be confused, grounds for an annulment are more complicated than than a dissolution case. As stated in the Family Law Code, the grounds are as follows:

-Incestuous Marriage              -Bigamous Marriage

-Unsound Mind                       -Fraud

-Force                                      -Prior Existing Marriage

-Physical Incapacity                -Petitioner's married age

Legal separatioN

The grounds for filing a legal separation are actually the same as a dissolution proceeding. Typically, if a marriage continues to break down and the parties cannot divorce because of religious or personal reasons, a legal separation is the alternative. Also, a legal separation allows the parties the eligibility of remaining on each other's medical insurance which would be terminated through a dissolution proceeding.


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